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  • The Pakistani-Vietnamese negotiations during Covid-19

    Early February 2020, a Pakistani trading company purchased a container load of polyester polo shirts from a Vietnamese seller, the subsidiary of a large Chinese manufacturer. These trendy shirts were shipped and delivered to the port of Karachi.

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  • The damaged beauty products

    A supplier of beauty products in Southeast Asia sold USD 75.000 worth of merchandise to a Brazilian company. Packaged in 1062 boxes, the shipping went smoothly, and the Brazilian company duly collected the goods.

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  • The Russian bankruptcy trade-off

    A credit insurance company entrusted IA to handle a claim of their customer - a Chinese supplier of electronic goods - against a debtor in Russia. The claim amounted to USD 2.5 million for media devices supplied by the Chinese company.

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  • The evasive Mexican tire importer

    A significant tire producer in South Korea shipped an order of USD 800.000 worth of car tires to Mexico. The invoices, however, remained unpaid. The South Korean tire producer requested IA’s office in Mexico to start an investigation to collect the outstanding debt.

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  • The Romanian bathrobe buyers in Greece

    Our client, an export credit insurer, entrusted IA with an investigation into the claim of one of its policyholders in China. The policyholder had a debtor who refused to pay an invoice of USD 135.000.

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  • The Chinese tiles exported to Brazil

    A Chinese credit insurance company asked us for our advice regarding a USD 3 million claim in Brazil. Their client – an exporter - was determined to start legal actions in this highly disputed case in the ceramic tiles industry.

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  • The Korean car distributor merger in the Philippines

    A Philippine automotive corporation bought a fleet of SUV cars from a leading Chinese car exporter. After the Philippine corporation made the down payment, the Korean car distributor shipped the vehicles to the Philippines in excellent condition. Unfortunately, the Philippine buyer failed to pay the balance owed for these cars. Attempts by the seller to recover the rest of the payment were futile. IA’s client, a Chinese credit insurance corporation, sought IA’s assistance to recover the multi-million dollar amount owed by the buyer.

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  • The attempted bribery

    A client handed us two files involving three different international traders from multiple countries, failing to pay each of these two exporters a large sum owed for shipments of received consumer goods.

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